Sunday, January 01, 2006

So much to do

Good grief! So much to do -- so much really cool stuff.

In connection with my new job as town councilperson, the highway superintendent called to get my email address. We chatted a bit about snow removal on my tiny back road. Very interesting. And clearly I have a lot more to learn. So we made plans to meet next week for a tour of the highway department facility. I guess I'll get to meet the snowplows personally - not to mention the snowplowers. Unless, of course, it's snowing - in which case I suppose I'll still get to meet the lawnmowers. Funny, "lawnmower" means both the equipment and the operator.

The reason the superintendent wanted my email address was to send information about the equipment he plans to sell and buy for 2006. So now I know that a new ten-wheel dump truck with snowplow equipment is expected to cost up to $135,000. And a used grader with plow up to $115,000. I know, roughly what an asphalt paver is and now I know a five-year-old one may cost $60,000. I have no idea what a trench box is but it's going to cost $6,000.

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