Friday, January 13, 2006

Ice Fishing

I almost never take pictures of people 'cause I rarely have the nerve to ask permission. But these guys, fishing on Dryden Lake, were friendly.

The thing about pictures is that you have to take a lot of them.

So I hung around and asked questions about the ice and the fish 'til they sort of forgot I was taking pictures. This is my favorite.

He's probably home now, watching TV and drinking more beer. He has no idea how much fun I've been having with these pictures.


bg44 said...

I like this entry a lot.

Darlene said...

Love this shot. I think I'd title it "Solitary Aspirations." Looks like he's almost afloat in the middle of a vast body of water, and the tide is rising around him, but he's so intent, concentrating so hard on his fishing, that he's unaware of anything else.

Mary Ann said...

It was really warm that day and the the ice looked like water - probably was, at least on top. I love the reflection.

You just never know where or when you're going to get a good picture. I should always carry my camera.

pablo said...

After sitting in one place for so long, ice fishermen have been known to develop "polaroids".

lené said...

I haven't seen too many ice fishermen out over here this year. Must be the warm weather and sketchy ice.