Monday, January 02, 2006

So much to do, part 2

The combination of Christmas and New Years always inspires a big nesting/organizing drive. On the one hand, since I can't do much work outside, I focus on indoor improvement or repair projects. Yesterday Belinda put up the valance box I've been planning for about two years. Now I can make the drapes I've been planning for six months. Last July for my birthday, Belinda gave me the beautiful fabric I'd been wishing for. Watch this space for pictures.

Next project, replace the countertop range (which has only one fully working burner) and the cupboards that support it (which are pretty ugly.) I don't use the range in the winter 'cause I have the woodstove. So last year I just sort of forgot to take care of it. Then, in the summer when the electric range would be convenient, I don't have time for indoor projects. So, I'm resolved to finish that before I do any more fun projects like painting the bathroom floor and removing the bathroom wall paper.

Then there's the organizing problem. We just really love gift giving. So, lots of new things come into the house for Christmas. I have a pretty strict "one in, one out" policy. It's a big house, but without strict vigilance it would quickly fill up treasures of one sort or another. So, I'm on a closet cleaning rampage. Lots of donating, discarding and rearranging. I'm short of bookshelf space by about four feet. Tempting though it is to put up another shelf, I think I should really weed the collection.

This is the tip of the iceberg. So many projects are forming in my mind that I know the most important thing will be to organize my time. So, I'm off to do that now.

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