Sunday, June 24, 2012

Good Food

Why don't those words rhyme?

This Chick CooksNever mind. Thanks to Ruth for the link to This Chick Cooks.

chick pea salad with summer veggies
 I'm looking forward to Blueberry Hamburgers. I've got lots of frozen blueberries to use up before this season's harvest.  

And Chick Pea Summer Salad. Yum.  

Monday, June 04, 2012

Facts and Logic

We use the Truth-O-Meter to rate the accuracy of political claims.Whether or not you agree with FactCheck or Politfact's ratings, you can learn a lot from their facts and logic - or simply their inclination to look beneath the surface.

Politifact's six ratings, True through False and Pants On Fire, are based on five principles.
  • Words matter. 
  • Context matters. 
  • Burden of proof is on the person making the statement.
  • Statements can be right and wrong. 
  • Timing and information available at the time the statement is made.
I don't know how or where I developed the habit of questioning so much of what I read and hear. But the habit has served me well. And I still believe that if we all had access to facts and good logic, we'd tend to reach similar conclusions.