Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Carnival of the Green

I just can't do "all politics, all the time" like so many blogs do. More and more of my political thinking is going to end up at Dryden Democrats.

This morning I've been reading Carnival of the Green #12 at Urban Eco. Take a look at The Hip and Zen Pen and her post about supply and demand of green products.

My thoughts are starting to turn to gardening. Aaron at Powering Down writes about Victory Gardening with some good links.

I know it's not February yet. But the weather's been so mild it seems like March. I've gotten some nice seeds from the North American Rock Garden Society Seed Exchange. Nothing too exotic, but still things you can't get from commercial sources. Three varieties of Clematis and two of Heuchera. Probably the varieties won't come true from seeds but they'll be an adventure anyway. Tiny, tiny little Gentiana verna seeds. Why do I feel like they probably won't germinate but I'm planting them anyway. Well, if nothing else, Veronica gentianoides will probably grow and provide a deep blue for my "Blue and White" garden. Finally, Thalictrum rochebruneanum. What was I thinking? It will take me all summer to remember how to pronounce it.

Baloghblog, from Syracuse writes about the asesthetics of wind power.

I realize I've been neglecting the wealth of information at Groovy Green. Michael has kindly linked Five Wells on the sidebar under Local Green News. And I've hardly written anything green at all lately.

A Concerned Scientist posts the schedule for Cornell's five day celebration of Darwin's birthday and a great list of links to bloggers writing about the Republican War on Science.

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