Sunday, May 28, 2006

Gardening Rush

The push is on to get things planted as we approach the end of the frost-risk season. I want all those warm weather things to have the advantage of every possible frost free day to grow. So, it's all about dahlias, peppers, cucumbers, beans and more today.

Remember all those things I got at the plant sale last year. Despite the fact that it turned out that most of the labels were not indelible and I can't seem to find the careful lists and maps I made, gorgeous plants are showing up everywhere. This geranium 'Katherine Adele' is an unexpected beauty.

And this Pulsatilla vulgaris, 'though it's not the red variety I expected, is beautiful and it makes me wonder why I never grew it before.


Endment said...

I was searching for labels just a few moments ago... Guess I will either have to begin making my own permanent markers as soon as I bring plants in or ...
Love both the geranium and the pasque flower. Would love to get some growing here but this year is the year of the foxglove. I planted the seeds and they sprouted... Last year they did wonderfully but I thought it was just an unusual streak of luck - they are growing at full speed again this year so I am looking forward to a yard filled with foxgloves.

Andrew said...

Hey check out my blog about gardening. I also know what you mean. When you plant stuff one year, and you see it come up the next without knowing it would. I love that feeling. Me and my freinds planted an apple core for fun last year, and guess what I have a baby apple tree sprouting in the back yard.