Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Fruit Trees

For several years, we've been trying to establish some new fruit trees. The original six bareroot trees from Miller Nurseries were spectacularly unsuccessful. Several died the first year and were replaced under Miller's guarantee. The rest died the following year. And, in fact all but one of the replacements have either died or sprouted from below the grafts. I'm really not that bad a gardener. The Shiro plum from Greentree Nursery is doing fine but they're not stocking fruit trees this year. And the Stella cherry from Agway is fine. In fact, they're both blooming, as is the one survivor from Miller's - the Santa Rosa plum.

We found a replacement for the Sungold Apricot at Cayuga Nursery. But they don't have Moongold Apricot - recommended to grow with Sungold for cross pollination. So, in the true spirit of trying the same thing over and over expecting different results, we decided to get another Moongold Apricot from Miller's. In an effort to improve our chances, we drove to Canandaigua to select the tree personally and drive it home to get it planted as quickly as possible.

Turns out it's not easy to find Route 16 in Canandaigua - though it's perfectly clear on the map. But find it we did, in a lovely, affluent, lakeshore neighborhood. From the cold warehouse, we chose a bareroot Moongold apricot with good roots and plenty of well-spaced branches whose buds are obviously alive.

In a fit of enthusiasm we also chose a Mericrest nectarine to replace the one we have that's showing only the feeblest sign of life this spring.

The clerk at Miller's who wrapped the trees said they'd keep for two weeks. He said several other things I don't believe. So, I'm off to get the trees planted right now.


Endment said...

I love fruit trees -
In spite of frustration and more frustration :=)

LauraHinNJ said...

I have this one spot in my woodland border where I've planted a "Winterthur" viburnum 4 years in a row. They just keep dying. Someday I'll learn.. maybe this year, as the one we planted last fall is showing no signs of life yet.

Anonymous said...

Whatever happened to the Moongold you bought at Millers? I am having the very same problem with Miller apricots. They live a year or 2, then die. The leaves bud out but before they reach full size, the leaves all wilt and the tree dies. Is that what happened to your trees?