Sunday, May 28, 2006

Sidetracked again

I'm on my way to the garden. Really. But on my way out the door I saw three big birds beyond the garden. "Hmm. Turkeys. No, wait. Go get the glasses." Fleshy red head, black neck. Not turkeys. Check the book. Turkey Vultures! Get the camera. I know you can't see them very well here. But they were pretty spectacular. There were three. One flew pretty soon after I came out of the house. But I was able to get to within about fifty feet of them before the others flew. I was hoping to get a fairly close picture of them on the ground and I was hoping to get a picture of them on the wing (which is surprisingly difficult with the time lag of the digital camera.) So this isn't art. But it is a record.


Endment said...

You caught them!
I haven't yet had them stop in the yard but they are overhead most days. I love watching them soar on the wind.

Pam in Tucson said...

We had a flock of 20 that flew over the house morning and evening on their way to and from their roosting site, but they've stopped coming with the hot weather. Never had one land in our yard, though. How neat! and you got great shots. They're quite hard to photograph on the wing - congrats. on fine photos.

LauraHinNJ said...

So... did you wander over and see what they were feasting on?

Sorry. Had to ask. ;-)

Nice pics!

Mary Ann said...

Well, yes. Sadly, they were feeding on a woodchuck. I have mixed feelings about that. I'd been watching a huge woodchuck in that area. I think the garden is fairly safe within the electric fence. But one year we discovered a woodchuck with one burrow entrance outside the fence and another inside.

I was puzzled about how the woodchuck died. On refelction it didn't seem as big as the one I'd been watching. Then later in the day I saw the huge one a few hundred yards away. Now I'm really puzzled.