Wednesday, May 24, 2006

New York

We had a great time in New York last weekend. Saturday, after lunch at Arte Cafe, we walked toward the sound of music in Central Park. There we listened to David Ippolito's mellow guitar and vocals. He says he's been singing at this spot in the park for fourteen years.

The main event of our weekend was Cirque du Soleil. Maggy didn't seem to be intimidated by this clown. The show, tho' smaller scale than the televised ones, was delightful. I couldn't help thinking of Hangar Theatre production manager, Adam Zonder, with whom I worked for several years: the rigging, the props, even a bit of pyrotechnics and, in addition to the hundreds of entrances, stage left and stage right, there were quite a few from directly above.

On Monday, after lunch with Maggy, I wandered over to Bryant Park, adjacent to the 42nd St Public Library. The north side of the park is designated Bryant Park Reading Room. Among the cafe tables and chairs, there are carts of books, magazines and newspapers. One end of the area is set aside for people playing chess and the entire park has wireless internet access, good coffee (and an excellent public restroom.) I have to admire a place where so many people are happily occupied - even in the middle of a weekday - reading, playing chess and browsing the internet. And it's my favorite pastime: reading, drinking coffee and watching the people.

Finally, tempting tho' it was to grab a glass of wine and sit in my sister's garden, we made a heroic trip to Ikea to look at furniture for Maggy's apartment. My sister's garden is bordered by this azalea through which you walk (see the doorway?) to get to the driveway. But we opted for Ikea, which Cynthie describes as a trip to a theme park. Sure enough, its model rooms and the arrows on the floor directing you which way to walk (and making it impossible to get anywhere directly) impart a surreal feeling. With some effort, Maggy was able to find the pieces she wanted and arrange for them to be delivered.

Today, it's back to reality. My garden looks great, thanks to Belinda's weekend efforts while I was away. I can't wait to get out there to pull a few weeds and plant a few more things.


Maggy said...

I'm awfully glad we went to IKEA- thanks again Mummy!

Darlene said...

Oh, what fond memories! Mark and I went to New York to visit our daughter when she was living there. She gave us the grand tour, and we had such a wonderful time. Did you walk across the Brooklyn Bridge? If you didn't, you have to sometime, at night, on a peaceful summer's eve. For me, it was one of the most memorable, beautiful experiences I ever had.

Central Park was great, of course. But we also went to Bryant Park! Yeah, people were playing chess, reading, relaxing. Neat place, isn't it? I never tried the restroom, though. Darn! That walkway to your sister's garden is utterly fabulous, by the way.

I guess we're back in reality now, too, but considering our beautiful spring weather, and all the new life that's springing up, I can do with it. But boy, talk about having to pull weeds!

Endment said...

Sounds delightful