Friday, September 30, 2005


Technology is, well, you know, a mixed blessing. It takes me a long time to learn the many useful features of some of the devices in my life. I master the reason I bought the device right away. Then over the next few months - or years - I discover other wonderful things the device can do. I don't know how to check my message machine from another phone. I never seem to need to do that. I don't know how to put my cell phone on speaker - though that seems like it would be useful. I admit, I don't know how to tape a TV show.

But I've just discovered the min/max feature of my electronic thermometer. My house has no north-facing windows. It's been challenging to place an outdoor thermometer where I can see it but it's not affected too much by the sun. Last Christmas I received this electronic thermometer with a remote sensor (and a clock continually updated by the national atomic clock!) So, I put the remote sensor in the shade of the north side of the house and - voila - I've got a good idea what the outside temperature is.

It also records the minimum and maximum temperatures. If I reset it at regular intervals I guess I could know the daily minimum and maximum temperatures. I don't need to know that everyday. But last night someone at the Dryden Democrats meeting said a hard frost was forecast. Damn! My houseplants are still outside. I had reset the min/max setting last week when I discovered it. So, checking this morning, I see that the lowest temperature since then was 41. And porch plants are happily safe.

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