Thursday, September 01, 2005


It's hard to know where to go with the news today. Reminds me of the first days of the war in Afghanistan then in Iraq when I tried to keep my mouth shut. It's not like me. And I was surprised at how inhibited I felt even in this liberal town. A co-worker finally cornered me into saying, quietly, that I opposed the war.

Rebecca interviews Heather Armstrong of Dooce on blogging. In response to "How has your site changed over the years?" Armstrong says:

"I started out thinking that I could say anything in my space and that everyone else needed to get over it, including my family and friends. Of course, I ended up alienating my family and losing my job and pissing off my friends, and it took WAY TOO LONG for me to figure out that while there is great power in personal publishing, there is also great danger."

I was aware of the public nature of blogger even when I started this blog and had no readers. But as my life becomes even more public, I find myself being more careful of what I say. I used to teach my kids to be prepared to prepared to justify their decision out loud. If you find yourself feeling like you have to lie about something, maybe there's something wrong with it.

I recently gave this blog address to a twelve year old friend whose parents are cautious about her internet use. Now I'm mindful that she and her parents may be among my readers. And I'm not worried.

That said, I'll remind you that investing in a city below sea level is not really a good idea. Don't city planners ever play Sim City? I'm more worried than ever about my daughter in New York - whose office building had a bomb scare this morning. And I'm rethinking my emergency plans with emphasis on supplies in my car - tho' I can't imagine being in my car in an emergency unless I was on my way to or from New York.

Seems like a lot of what I see on the news has been covered already on The West Wing. I never see Scott McClellan without wishing he were CJ. Wouldn't you want a press secretary to have - well - some public speaking ability? Still, McClellan did better than usual today. I particularly enjoyed his reference to Bush's statement that "We won't tolerate... price gouging, looting, insurance fraud..." Reminds me of my father saying, when my kids misbehaved, that he "wouldn't allow it." As if that solved anything. Though I must admit there were a lot of things my father didn't tolerate. And I've spent quite a few years getting over it.

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