Saturday, August 04, 2007


Tomatoes, cucumbers, beans and squash

This is the season when my garden seems to be throwing things at me. I'm not complaining about too much food. But this is a garden for one person plus giveaways for friends. Tomatoes, onions and beans are staples I can store for winter. They each get about 48 square feet of garden space - about 10% of the total. Cucumbers and squash are primarily summer treats. They each get about 16 square feet and sometimes that yields too much.

Despite rabbits' depredation of my lettuce, I've met my long time goal to have lettuce ready at the same time tomatoes are ready. (There were ripe tomatoes but I ate them before I took this picture.)

Bluejays learned the wrong lesson last year when I netted the blueberries. Instead of learning to stay away, they learned to eat them a bit underripe. So they got quite a few before I put up the net this year. One bluejay, who cursed me loudly as I was putting up the net, has no trouble getting in (or out) under the edge. So, he's still getting some. Note to self: next year when putting up the net, don't wear a shirt with buttons.

There should be sound effects with this picture. Can't you just hear the storm coming?

Have I mentioned how much I love my new camera? The birthday fairy brought me a new Canon EOS and it's incredible. Photoshop says that the original of this picture can be printed at 48 x 32 inches. Of course I don't have that kind of printer but it's tempting to take it to a lab to see if its true.

This butterfly is cropped from a picture about ten times the size. Yet I could print it 16 x 20 if I wished.


Ontario Wanderer said...

If your camera is anything like mine the 48 x 32 inches is 72 dots/inch and what you really want for printing is 200 to 300 dots/inch. That's about 17 x 13 inches or 11 x 8 inches. That is still quite good and the 300 d/i is just possible on a desk printer. That being said, I did print a larger version on my printer by doing it in 9 installments and makeing a collage which looked fairly good. It did not have the detail of a great photo but still looked good for a few feet away. Feel free to play with your printer.

Kay Dennison said...

Lovely, Mary Ann!