Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Birthday 2.0

It was birthday v2.0 this weekend. Maggy was vacationing in Montana on the actual birthday, so we celebrated again this weekend. A large proportion of these packages are related to my innocent request for bamboo sushi mats. Maggy tells a funny story about searching unsuccessfully for a sushi kit. So she set out on a treasure hunt around New York for the perfect sushi ingredients . Then Saturday while we were shopping for dinner in Wegman's, she found the sushi kit she had wished for with nearly all the ingredients she had managed to find in New York.

There's the Nori, wasabi powder, pickled ginger and dipping bowls. There's crab and avocado in the refrigerator and Maggy wisely settled for carrots and cucumber from the garden.

They're delicious.

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leendaluu said...

If you could find a substitute for nori and make it with steamed crab or shrimp, I would probably love it...maybe a nice wide spinach leaf... they are beauteous to gaze upon, just not so happy in my mouth...