Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Local Bloggers

I found two new-to-me local blogs from Daniel's post Ithaca Photography and Blogging over at Migrations.

Local artist Benjamin Clock writes Natural History Artworks about his painting and travels. Check out his description of the work on an illustration for an upcoming issue of The Living Bird.

The Contemplative Nuthatch looks out for birds here and elsewhere. I love her photo of Cecropias in Sapsucker Woods.

Two other local blogs I've been reading for a while, but I'm finally getting around to adding to the side bar:

Craig in Ellis Hollow ranges widely through politics and music consistently returning to his garden. His recent Full Disclosure post includes pictures of the "ugly" parts of the garden. We all tend to take pictures when things are looking their best. How many of us are willing to expose the neglected corners to public scrutiny.

Brenda's changed the name of her Ithaca Daily Photo blog to the more realistic Ithaca When-I-Feel-Like-It Photo. Tho' it's no longer daily, there are frequent cool photos from random spots around town. It reminds me that my photos are mostly around the yard. I really need to get out more...


Dan said...

Thanks also for the Ellis Hollow link. That one was new to me!

Brenda said...

Funny, I was thinking I had to get out more :) I have enough photos to post one every day I suppose, but I don't feel they are all very good or at the very least, I feel like they are the same ones over and over :) Thanks for the link :)

RubyShooZ said...


I'm new here. I'm a sort of local blogger too but I'm not a photographer.

Just found your blog today and I'm busy looking around here - thanks for sharing parts of yourself and your world here.

(I live around Keuka Lake)

Peace, love and understanding.