Wednesday, June 23, 2004

User IDs and passwords

After several days of thinking my password wasn't working, I found I was using the wrong user ID. For some reason I hadn't written it down where I ususally keep track of these things. And I hadn't used it often enough to remember it. I suppose there must be a system for creating memorable, yet secure, user IDs and passwords. But I surely don't have that system yet. Well, next time I forget, perhaps this post will remind me. But probably not. So I've written it down.

Life has been fairly beautiful here lately. The gardens look great, at least from a distance. The view out the window to the sunlit trees is gorgeous. I really should move the computer closer to a window. Or better yet, set up the laptop for online access.

Okay. So I don't have deep thoughts every moment of every day. Nor time to write them down when I do have them. The idea here is to form a habit of writing so there's some chance of eventually getting the ideas together with the chance to write.

Right now I've got to either put up new pictures on my website or go outside to enjoy and/or work in the gardens.

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