Friday, June 25, 2004

Schedule (& some things about me)

The schedule I developed to maintain or confirm my sanity says that by 10:30 I should be finished with computer time, writing, showering, exercise and housework. But I'm not finished with any of those things. Face it, I'm still firmly entrenched in "computer time" with this particular moment counting as "writing." When I finish here I'll probably skip all the other things and go directly to "gardening." I've been browsing other people's blogs.

Things other blogs mention that are interesting:

What I'm reading: Three Junes. On my pending reading list: The Map that Changed the World and Mother Tongue. Recently finished: The Life of Pi, Passage to India and 100 Years of Solitude (all motivated by my book club) as well as The Secret Life of Bees, Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui ('tho it's a little embarrassing to mention that) and Sophie's World.

Something about me: I'm over fifty. Generally living alone in central New York, except that my daughter's living with me now. I've been lucky enough to have the past few months at home - no job. Before that I was the business director for a regional theatre. Since I left that job I've loved having time to catch up on house repairs and decorating, gardening, reading, photography, writing and dabbling with drawing and painting.

I recently rediscovered borrowing CD's from the public library. It's a great way to check out music I'd never think of buying and has led me to buy some things I'd never have thought of including Liz Story's Unaccountable Effect. The music I'm most knowledgeable about is classical, 'tho even there my knowledge is still pretty sketchy. The five CD's in my CD player right now are The Burns Sisters, Joan Baez, Anne Murray, Deanna Carter and Billie Holiday (Maggy just got that one for her birthday). The one I've enjoyed most recently from the library is Chris White & Cayuga Jazz.

Okay, I've got to get some things done. Maggy and I are leaving for New York at 6:00. I need to iron, pack, clean up, take care of the plants...

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