Monday, June 28, 2004

Structure vs chaos

On some level I keep looking for "The 100 greatest books" or "The 7 Habits..." or some curriculum to speed my way toward enlightenment. But it always turns out that I don't really want to start with Aristotle right now. So I find myself spending time in some more or less random web search. I have a folder in my favorites list named "Things to read when I get around to it." And the contents of this folder are growing exponentially.

I don't know where I was when I bookmarked this link to Naomi Wolf. But this site has a list of "critical thinkers." As well as critical text, history, culture etc. So this morning I clicked on the first name in critical thinkers, David Brin, and followed it to his website. There I found discussions of his science fiction, his father's wonderful poetry, a social biology article about neoteny and more!

There's just not enough time to find and read all the interesting stuff. And certainly not enough time respond to it or correlate it. So, am I wasting time by skipping around? Am I doing this dragonfly thing of touching everything superficially?

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