Thursday, June 24, 2004


I've spent a ridiculous amount of time making minor changes on my website. Substituting smaller picture to load faster. Tweaking margins, etc. I'm hoping to learn something from this primitive webpage so that eventually I can do something more creative. Of course, like this blog, the first thing I learned is that you really have to have something to say to make it worthwhile.

Firewood was delivered yesterday and I've stacked a couple of cords. It will dry quickly in this gorgeous weather. I wish I could have it all stacked before Maggy and I go to New York this weekend. But that won't happen.

It looks like Maggy and I have solved our Friday night dilemma by taking her car. So she can drop me off at Cyn's house and go on to Jacqui's. I just couldn't face driving into the city so late Friday night then back to Cyn's and I didn't want to let Maggy take my car. So besides solving the logistics, Maggy has to clean her car tonight to make it tolerable for me. Kind of two birds with one stone.

I promised Bill I'd work on clearing Lost Spring road at 2:00 and it's nearly that now. So I think I'll make one more stab at updating the Maggy page of my website before I have to go.

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