Thursday, May 24, 2007


Nothing like an outside threat to bring a team together. Murphy and Tang are on the lookout for the Yellow Cat. They've both achieved a certain level of detente with him. They'll creep up stealthily and keep him at bay by staring at him. But given an opening, Murphy is still inclined to dash up and give the Yellow Cat a swipe.

The St Laurent Rhode Island Reds are visiting the Sumner Silver Wynandottes for summer camp while Simon and Angelica are in Germany celebrating their marriage. I was worried for about a minute that the bigger red birds would pick on the little black ones. But no. They hardly go near each other at all. You think maybe some diversity training...? Nah.

I wasn't quick enough this morning to get a picture of the Downey Woodpecker on the Hummingbird feeder. It occurred to me he was looking for ants. After he left, I checked the feeder. There are some ants stuck to the sticky tape above the feeder, but none in the feeder. I'll never know whether or not that's because the woodpecker got them.

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Pam in Tucson said...

There are no ants on our h'bird feedrs, but our Gila Woodpeckers come to drink the nectar. Our local Wild Birds is now selling woodpecker-proof feeders. However, I find that the h'birds can hold their own, so I haven't bothered to replace ours, since I enjoy the Gilas. I love Downy Woodpeckers - wish we had them here. Love your cats. We're babysitting Pandora, our son's 14-year old calico rescue cat, for a week. She's sweet, intelligent and has strange, spiky fur - almost punk.