Friday, May 18, 2007

Friday Cat Blogging

This stray cat has been hanging around for more than a year. It's hard to call him a stray anymore. He sort of lives here, at least part time.

I often know he's here 'cause I see one of the house cats staring intently at some spot where I can't see the other cat, but they can. Apparently the yellow cat's becoming more confident. Today he was out in the open lawn. I cropped this photo, but beyond the frame to the upper left, Murphy's watching from behind a tree.

Last fall the yellow cat nearly drove out Murphy just a few days after we brought Murphy here from the SPCA. But through the winter I fed the yellow cat on cold nights when I knew he was here. When I realized he was sleeping in the woodshed, I left a blanket on the floor for him.

There have been some cat spats. But they're beginning to tolerate each other. The yellow cat's learning that now I'll only feed him when I see him. He comes to the kitchen door with increasing frequency. Usually one of the house cats yowls to announce his presence. One morning, months ago, Murphy ran straight into the glass door in a misguided attempt to run the yellow cat off.

Yellow Cat and Tang look an awful lot alike except for the long-hair/short-hair thing. That's Tang at the top and Yellow Cat peeking over the leaves. Yellow Cat has extra toes - as does Tang. In fact, he has the longest toes I've ever seen on a cat.

I got within five or six feet before Yellow Cat took shelter under the porch.

He looks pretty relaxed but I'm pretty sure he's fully aware of Murphy watching from above.

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