Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Derby Party

We had a great time with the Derby theme last weekend. Most people said it was more fun than they expected. Hmmm... not sure that's complimentary.

We watched the pre-race coverage on and off with our delicious mint juleps. The juleps were definitely the part I thought was better than I expected. I don't like mint very much. But with Bourbon - hey, who cares.

Some of us picked favorites tho' no one actually bet. I think Ed picked Street Sense strictly on the number of the post position - not anything about the horse. Most people were picking favorite numbers or names with apparently no regard at all for the odds. The race itself is the part that people said was more exciting than they expected. You've probably heard, Street Sense came from 19th (out of 20) to finish with a strong lead.

I used the Kentucky Burgoo recipe from the May issue of Cooking Light and it was delicious. The grits, with swiss cheese and garlic was (were?) so good I think I'll make it again. Jimmy's broccoli cornbread was great. I had to chuckle during dinner when someone was trying to remember the name of the winner and simultaneouly from around the table came "Street Smarts," "Street Wise," and "Street Walker." And finally there was the chocolate-pecan tartlets (with a drop of bourbon) - excellent, tho' I think I'll use my own pastry recipe next time.

Carl wins the prize for best costume (or would have if there was actually a prize.

With Leslie and Ally close behind.

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