Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Winter Motivation

Daily KAZ has started blogging! This is going to be fun. Dave and KAZ and Simon are managing daily posts that put me to shame. Maybe that will help motivate me.

Here in the north, in the natural scheme of things, we would not be expected to accomplish a lot: tend the livestock, sharpen the tools, keep the homefires burning... But these are not natural times. I'm keeping up with the livestock and fires, but I haven't sharpened any tools yet.

I'm drawn to the computer screen as an artificial light source. But it doesn't energize me to actually work. So, now I've got a cute little "portable light therapy goLITE" which promises me "Get an energy boost. Naturally." Nothing electric really meets my criteria for natural. But it probably is better than drugs. We'll see.

[Oh, dear. Looking for that link showed me the price of the light. It was a gift. Now I'm seriously committed to using it to best advantage.]


KAZ said...

To be fair, if I had dial-up, I would NEVER blog daily!!

Mary Ann said...

Point well taken.