Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Today is the birthday of Muhammad Ali and the House is debating a bill to honor him.
Debating may not be the right word since no one seems to be against it. They're just talking about it.

It happens, also, to be my father's birthday which is why I know it's Benjamin Franklin's birthday. I don't recall how many times my father had to mention that before it took on greater proportions than my father's birthday itself.

According to Birthdays in History, it's also the birthday of Betty White, Sheri Lewis, Vidal Sassoon, Maury Povich, Paul Revere (the musician, not the patriot), Eartha Kitt, James Earl Jones, Rock Hudson and an incredible number of other people I've never heard of.

My friend, Bill, shares a birthday with Adolph Hitler, Stephen Colbert, Pat Roberts and Lee Hamilton. Bill was born in 1923 so I can't help wondering what the daily horoscope was on April 7, 1943 as Hitler and Mussolini met in Salzburg and Bill prepared to ship out to the Pacific.

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