Thursday, January 18, 2007

Toyota Tundra

I got an email from Toyota promoting their new truck, the Toyota Tundra. I drive a eight year old Toyota Corolla with standard transmission. It's a great car and it helps me understand why Toyota is poised to become the leading car manufacturer in the world. The Corolla is the top rated car in its class for mileage and emissions short of a hybrid. Mine, designed and engineered in 1998, gets more than 40 MPG on the highway.

I'm a staunch supporter of protecting the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge as the last pristine ecological system in the world. And the name Tundra evokes a certain warm fuzzy feeling for me. But I wonder how appealing the name will be to people looking for a 14-20 MPG vehicle. These are the people who are thinking, "I don't care how much gas I use. There's plenty of oil in ANWR."

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