Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Weekend Fun

Last week was crammed with political meetings and rain. So, it was a special joy to have Maggy here for the weekend for her birthday (or the "celebration of the miracle of her life.")

We had a great weekend, including a trip to the Ithaca Farmers' Market where we found this beautiful onyx and silver necklace by Zehna.

On Monday, despite Maggy's reluctance to leave, we drove her back to New York. To make the drive sort of a recreational experience, we planned to drive back through the Black Dirt region of southern New York and north along the Upper Delaware River.

Near Westtown, NY, there was a short detour around a bridge repair project. On a small back road, we couldn't believe our eyes when we saw camels, (yes, CAMELS, many of them) in a pasture with horses, mules, geese and such. Despite horrible traffic on this tiny road, we stopped for a picture.

We met Babette who explained that this is an animal sanctuary. The camels (there are dozens of them) were rescued from an importer in the Midwest. The sanctuary raises money to support the animals through Dawn Animal Agency which arranges for animal appearances on TV and in movies. Babette explained that they became involved in animal rescue "because, frankly, people suck." I'm sure we've all heard enough animal abuse stories to believe that and it's good to find people devoting their lives to correcting the problem.

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