Monday, June 26, 2006

Rainy Day

It rained hard again today. Here's our stream, inches away from escaping its banks. Makes me realize the importance of the guidelines for riparian buffer zones the Conservation Council is working on.

Nothing like a rainy day to catch up indoors. I finally moved my downstairs computer back to its summer home in the West Wing (where it's too chilly in the winter to do much work.) Who is it that sneaks in when I'm not looking and braids all the computer cords? I swear I connect them all in a logical fashion and neatly fasten up the excess length of cord. But whenever I have to unplug anything, I find everything elaborately tangled.

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Melissa said...

The stream located just feet from the side of our house has been raging the past few days. It spilled over and flooded a good portion of our yard. Luckily my garden is situated far from it, and I am praising our decision to build raised beds. We're contending with a soggy basement now. No more rain!