Sunday, August 28, 2005


After a 15 minute argument about "You said Route 90," we were off to Sonnenberg Gardens for the Arts at the Garden show. There were five booths at which I was tempted to buy something: a painting from Pat Rechlin, a black glass vase from Pinkney Studios, a fiber artwork by Linda Hansee, who promised to email me a picture of it so I could decide, a pot from Mountain Star Pottery and a box from Frosty Morning Jewelry both of whom have no website. I did buy a lovely Ikebana flower holder from Hillbottom Pottery. Many of the artists at this show will be at the Clothesline Festival in Rochester in September, the same weekend as the Plants for Life Sale in Ithaca.

I'm glad we had time to walk around the gardens, too. This view reflects what I'd like to do around the meadow south of my house.

I think I was the only person in the Rose Garden taking a picture of a fly.

I've been really interested in stonework lately, but I doubt I'll ever manage an arch like this.

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