Monday, May 02, 2005

Oh, dear

Oh, dear. A whole month and no writing. It was a tough month for some reason. A couple of days stand out. Belinda and Bill's birthdays. The Monday of my bookclub meeting when I did almost all my weekly housekeeping in one day. The Wednesday the new satellite dish was installed. The Thursday town board meeting filled with questions from the board member who hadn't read the report under discussion. The Saturday that Maggy was home and Belinda and I saw Death of a Salesman at the Cider Mill Theater.

But it's May now. I'm sorry I didn't celebrate May Day. I really can't count fixing the pasture fence as celebration. But I'm glad it's done. Maybe I'll celebrate tonight. Flexibility is a good thing.

This morning I was happy to read the big brass blog entry about Bush's reference to the "drawer of IOUs" that he says threaten the Social Security trust. I was listening to a rerun of the press conference on CSPAN when my outrage at hearing this dumb comment again made me turn it off. Check it out. Those IOUs Bush wants you to think are worthless are treasury bonds. When Bush says the surplus in the social security trust is used to "fund other government programs," he doesn't mean the government just spends the money. The money is borrowed to cover a part of the huge budget deficit. I don't understand why no one demands that he clarify that point - among many others.

On a lighter note, Based on a True Story... has a comical entry - Unitarian Jihad.

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