Friday, May 13, 2005


I know the weather report last night said "freeze." Not just "chance of frost" but FREEZE. Still, for some reason I didn't think of protecting the geraniums I had moved out to the deck after nurturing them all winter in the studio. They're looking pretty damned disappointed. They're not dead. But I'll have to cut them back pretty far. Oh, well. Maybe the cutting back will improve their shapes. I also have lots of cuttings from the last time I cut them back.

Belinda drove around the north trails with the chainsaw to scope out how many trees had fallen across the trails during the winter. When she got back she urged me to walk with her back up the the beech woods in the northeast 'cause it was so beautiful. She was right. The grey background of the beech trees, still leafless was gorgeous against the emerald green swath of skunk cabbage coming up along the brook.

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