Sunday, May 04, 2008

New Garage, part 2

By the middle of week two it looked like this:

Yikes. I'm getting the full impact of the fact that this is really an entirely new house attached to the existing one.

In addition to the garage, I get this lovely new entry way. You're looking through the wall that separates the garage from the entry. Unlike the old woodshed, this area will have sheetrock walls and a real floor - and windows! Remind me that I'm going to need doorbells. I really can't tell the difference between woodpeckers and people knocking.

You have to appreciate these stairs. I worked really hard to make this design work. I love Brud Nash and his crew. They never tell me something can't be done. Brud says, "Nothing's impossible. It just takes a little longer." Just wait 'til I show them how I want to connect the new second floor to the existing one.

Murphy thinks the stairs are okay.

Meantime, we finished repairing the pasture fence and brought Charlie home. Not as easy as it sounds. Apparently he's fallen in love with one of the neighbor's horses. He whinnied and looked back while I walked him the entire half-mile home. Back in his own pasture, he took the full 150 yard length of it at a full gallop several times, jumping the four foot wide drainage ditch as if he were half his age. I wish I had pictures of that.

While we waited for Charlie to settle down, we proceeded with one of the other ongoing projects: the garden fence. For some reason we've decided to get serious about keeping deer out of the garden. I've always compromised by resisting the temptation to grow lilies and rhododendrons and resigned myself to a certain amount of damage to the blueberries and fruit trees. Come to think of it, that's no compromise. It's a total victory for the deer. So, we're putting up this six-foot fence.

We removed quite a lot of sod. And moved it to the chicken yard. They're really appreciating the grubs and slugs that came with it. I'll keep you posted on how long it takes them to completely scratch it up and return it to it's original condition as a dustbath.

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