Saturday, May 10, 2008

New Best Friends

There's Brud.

And Greg and Gary.

And all the helpers whose names I get mixed up.

They show up like clockwork with incredibly noisy tools, creating unbelievable temporary chaos.

But with all due respect for the builders, this is my new best friend.

It opens.

And closes.

Incidentally, it locks, it's energy efficient and beautiful.

But the big deal is that it opens. And closes.

Those of you who've visited here know that I've almost never had a door that open without hauling on it or closes without kicking it and leaning on it. You know I have a simple life here. And I tend to make do with daily inconveniences rather than spend any money. And I especially resist replacing things if the old, barely functional thing, however inadequate, will have to be discarded. In this case, the old door can be reused in the new space between the back door and the new garage. It will help me remember never to take for granted the ease with which my new door opens and closes. And locks.

Watch this space for the new patio door leading from the kitchen to the deck.

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