Saturday, May 24, 2008

Building Progress

I took this picture of the upstairs kitchen plumbing in case the building inspector didn't show up before the builders started to insulate and sheetrock in preparation for installing a temporary sink. He did come in time to see it, of course. He's been great about helping me with many stages of the project.

Anyway, here's the picture later in the day with the temporary sink in place.

And the view of the creek and the bridge from the kitchen window.

This is the living room last week before windows.

And now, though the window is partly hidden by the sheet rock leaning against it. There's a great view north to the garden (and primary deer grazing area.)

Picture the woodstove on the left and the computer desk on the right. On the very edge to the right is the door to the bedroom.

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Leendaluu said...

Do you need to buy a woodstove? We just took the one out of the dining room. It's more than enought to heat this place....