Thursday, November 22, 2007


Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. What could be better than taking a few minutes or an hour or a whole day to think about things for which we're thankful? There have been years in my life when illness, grief or financial struggles made it hard for me to focus on things to be thankful for. But I'm a "glass half full" person and every year I find myself more deeply serene and more eager than ever to see what's around the corner.

It's no accident that my life is filled with wonderful things. I strive to surround myself with the beauties of nature, the richness of lasting friendships and a constant effort to understand more about the world around me. I take personal responsibility for building an increasingly satisfying life for myself and my family.

Yesterday I came upon this quote from an unknown source.

Be careful of your thoughts,
they become words.

Be careful of your words,
they become actions.

Be careful of your actions,
they become habits.

Be careful of your habits,
they become character.

Be careful of your character,
it becomes your destiny...

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Leendaluu said...

I think that quote has been attributed to Ghandi but I've never seen it in any of the collections of his quotations. It is a wonderful work, no matter what