Monday, November 26, 2007

Maggy's Boy Friend

I have to try to write this without embarrassing Maggy ('tho that ship may have sailed with the headline.) Our holiday was enriched by her friend, Andy. I enjoyed talking with him. And I enjoyed how content and relaxed Maggy was with him around.

We like the same kind of beer. And movies. He's the kind of person who asks, when he gets up to go to the kitchen, "Can I get you anything?" But here's the clincher. I asked him to retrieve the stepladder from the garden (where weeks ago I was using it to pick pole beans) and change a bulb in the outdoor light fixture. It turns out that he probably could have reached the fixture without the ladder. But that's not the point. I noticed this morning that he had stored the ladder in the tool shed instead of leaving it right where he used it, as I undoubtedly would have.

The dreaded bus carried them safely back to New York last night.

I've liked every boy Maggy's brought home. (There haven't been that many.) But (here's where I probably embarrass Maggy) I kind of hope this one's a keeper.


Anonymous said...

Awww, he kind of looks like a better looking Jim from the Office. I hope they are happy!

Leendaluu said...

Yep...I think you have succeeding embarrassing Maggy. Poor child. (of course, I have embarrassed *all* my children on my blog so I'm still ahead)

Maybe Andy doesn't read blogs.

Kay Dennison said...

Good for you, Mom!! Embarassing your kids is payback for the times they embarassed you!!! And I agree -- he sounds/loos like a keeper.

Maggy said...

Whereas I would not only have NOT put the ladder back in the shed but carried it with me on my next task and left it someplace odd, like next to the car.