Thursday, November 01, 2007

Halloween in Dryden

Last night Dryden was Small Town America at it's best. I had the pleasure of judging the Costume Contest sponsored by the American Legion. It's harder than it sounds! So many kids! So little time!

In addition to the many happy, cute kids, there were some good candidates for America's Next Top Model.

The highlight of the evening was a ride on the fire truck. It seems to have a practical value, too. It's poignant to watch a parent handing his child to a firefighter. But no doubt it helps children become accustomed to help from the firefighters in the scary costumes.

I dressed in the spirit of the evening - sort of a Mary Poppins witch. Watch out, Simon and Kathy. This is my next headshot. And Maggy, I'm sure this will be your desktop wallpaper today.


belinda said...

don't get too close to the horse with that hat - Charlie likes to eat flowers

KAZ said...

Fab hat. I actually like this as campaign material! Maybe when you run for re-election as Supervisor.

Endment said...

I'm with kaz - love the hat
OK I assume congratulations are in order? Inquiring minds want to know :)

Mary Ann said...

Yes, indeed, Endment. My teammates and I won yesterday's election giving Democrats a 3-1 majority and a vacancy to fill by appointment. You can read about it on Living in Dryden. I'll write about it on the front page soon.