Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Dreaded To-Do List

Hello. My name is Mary Ann. It's been two weeks since my last blog post. I can't remember if that's supposed to sound like AA or confession. I've actually never been to either. But I do feel bad about not blogging recently. Every Tuesday morning, like clockwork, Sitemeter sends me a report of visitors to this site. Needless to say the number of visitors declines in direct proportion to the number of recent posts. But to the dozen or so loyal visitors who keep showing up here every day, my apologies.

Too often it's a choice between working and writing about working. Yes, in a perfect world, I'd choose the writing over the working every time. But I'm so far behind I've been determined to slog through the "to do" list. Lots of things have been added to the list and crossed off in the past two weeks, many of which are worthy of their own blog posts. Like this full day of filing I did in order to find the information I needed to write a report. See that bit of sun outside the window in the upper left? I resisted that all day. And besides finishing 80% of the filing, I amassed all this recycling.

All right, suffice it to say that I've worked my way back to an item that got on the list two weeks ago, just after the last post: "plant iris etc." Iris etc refers to the wheelbarrow full of Siberian Iris, tub full of Liatris and bucket full of bearded Iris that we took out of the garden in front of the rose.

On days that I have a dentist appointment or some similarly annoying obligation, I reward myself with garden work. I managed to plant the "etc," the bearded Iris and Liatris. Of course, to do that, I had to create a space somewhere. There it is. See that little patch of dirt in the sun to the left of the sidewalk? There's the bearded Iris. A little to the left, if you care, is the taller Liatris in bloom. But the wheelbarrow of Siberian Iris awaits. And the sun's shining. Screw the remaining office work on the list. I'm outta here.

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