Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Cornell University Press

Belinda brought me the Cornell University Press catalog yesterday. I didn't expect the catalog itself to be so interesting. I was surprised to find two books I've read (Revolt on the Tigris and Third-Sector Development) that I didn't know were published at Cornell.

Some titles are pretty far down my list of "Things I want to read" like The Vanishing Hectare. The title has possibilities, but the subtitle... Well, judge for yourself.

And there are some that I'll probably never understand, like Reason and the Heart. Again, the title is great. But when the subtitle has two words I can barely pronounce and have little chance of defining even if you make it multiple choice, well, I won't be running out for that book today.

But there are lots I'd like to read. How about The Field Guide to Bacteria? Or Front-Page Girls about women journalists around the turn of the 20th century? Or Visions of Belonging: New England Art and the Making of American Identity. How about this, or this, or this which I'd buy for the cover design alone.

But I really can't afford them. And the library doesn't have them. I know the public library budget is limited and facing further cuts. Maybe the publisher could donate...


York Staters said...

the author of visions of belonging was my college advisor! i'm excited for that one...and i'll lend you my copy when i'm done if you like!


Mary Ann said...

I'd love to borrow it. But it sounds like the kind of book you'll never be "done" with.