Monday, July 10, 2006

Fun Links

A blog without links is like, well, a day without sunshine.

Last week Maggy, whose mind may not be fully occupied by her day job, sent me this:

phrontistery FRON-tis-te-ri, n. a thinking-place.

There, Steve Chrisomalis, who writes as "Forthright," has compiled a "15,500-word dictionary of obscure and rare words," a veritable playground for those of us who've ever enjoyed the dictionary game. For example, on the same page with prhontistery: phreatic, phrenesis, phthartic, and phugoid. In addition, Chrisomalis has created thirty-two individual glosseries like: dance styles, forms of worship, units of measurement, and (probably Maggy's favorite) phobias.

Chrisomalis also presents a list of 2 and 3-Letter Scrabble Words including: AA, KA, PYA and LEU. If my opponent used those, I'd definitely challenge. And apparently I'd lose.

In Junior High english, I had to memorize a list of prepositions (about, above, along, among, around, behind, below, beneath...) and in high school I took three years of Latin, but I recognize fewer than half of these Latin adverbs and prepositions.

There's the sottisier (so-teez-YEA, n a collection of ridiculous remarks or stupidities), a collection of emails Chrisomalis has received - and presumably, not answered. And the truly hilarious Unusual Search Results which have led unsuspecting idiots to Phronistery.

Finally, check out the Language Links and The Ingenious Internet. I'm not sure I can face spell-checking this post.


Redmage said...

From a fellow wordsmith to another. I'm impressed. Keep it up. :)

Darlene said...

Dang it, I always commended myself for being a pretty darned good wordmeister, and as for spelling, people throng to me for help particularly at work. But now you've thrown me for a loop!