Wednesday, July 26, 2006

2006 Elections

The New York Times offers this excellent interactive map of 2006 Senate, House and gubernatorial candidates. The map graphics can be displayed as a standard map or distorted to reflect population. Click on a state for more information.

Information on Senate races includes the amount of money raised by each candidate. For example: in Maine, Senator Snowe, $2,107,747 and challenger Jean Bright, $23,507. In New York, Senator Clinton, $27,501,536 and challenger Spencer, $1,777,748. Incidentally, the population map shows that Senator Snowe represents about 1,300,000 and Senator Clinton 19,300,000 (if I'm counting the little squares accurately.)

In the map of House races, you can click on each electoral district for, not only information about the candidates, but also demographics. My own beloved 24th congressional district in New York is listed as a "race to watch." Unfortunately no additional information is available except that incumbent Boehlert is not running. Demographics describe this district as 92% white with a median income of $36,082 compared to national median income of $44,473. Compare this to my daughter's district 15 represented by Charlie Rangel: 16% white with median income of $27,934. Or to Long Island's district 3 with 86% white population and $70,561 median income. Hmmm...

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