Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Selling Love

Sometimes things just sneak up on me. I don't pay much attention to what seems to me like the lighter side of women's image issues - cosmetics, fashion, etc. But I do pay attention to words. This ad says:

What extraordinary love looks like

I've got some grammatical issues here. But when it comes right down to it, love doesn't look like anything. And diamonds look like - well - diamonds.

The ad goes on to say: "Cartier has created the most beautiful diamond rings so that a woman can feel how extraordinary the love she inspires can be." You might need to reread that.

I sense how carefully these words were chosen. More grammer and style issues, but if a woman isn't already feeling how extraordinary the love she inspires is, I don't see how jewelry is going to make that happen. I do appreciate some jewelry for its intrinsic beauty. And I can wax poetic about love and the sentiment underlying gifts and tokens of love. But this just sounds crass to me. Now I'm going to go look up "crass."

1 comment:

TechRodent said...

This is so typical of media and advertising agencies these days...

To sell their products they will exploit every emotion they can..