Sunday, February 12, 2006


Catching up, this morning, with links in my 'favorites.' I've been reading Arcol-0-gist and the people in her "Folks with something in common" sidebar list. Laura may be the first blogger who linked to Five Wells and this morning I remembered how pleased I am to be counted as someone who has "something in common" with her. I don't have physical contact with many like-minded people. So I find it very helpful to have this online contact.

I've been doing this for so long, I take it for granted and I've lost the idealistic energy the self-reliance movement gave me decades ago. We subscribed to Mother Earth News with the first issue and continued for about a decade 'til our homestead was pretty well established and we found that reading Mother at the library was enough. It's great to get it online now. I need to remember the inspiration it gave me in those years.

There's some overlap between friends of Arco-o-gist and my reader/writer friends at Whorled Leaves. Political reading and writing are important to me, energizing and exhausting at the same time. I come back to people like Leaning Birch, Ontario Wanderer and Sand Creek Almanac for pleasure, for comfort and energy.

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