Sunday, December 11, 2005

Weblog Awards

Some mornings I can be completely mesmerized by Washington Journal and blogs. This morning it's the Weblog Awards. After reading Coturnix's favorites, I started looking at some of the nominee's for Weblog Awards.

The Best Blog category is mostly the biggies you already know. But new to me is a military blog, Mudville Gazette - certainly a different perspective. And Captain's Quarters which may satisfy my search for a tolerable conservative blog.

In the New Blog category Respectful Insolence is certainly worth a bookmark. Performancing has some good info about blogging - geared, actually, for professional bloggers. Yellow Dog Blog is fun Democratic raving.

Best Liberal Blog and Best Conservative Blog - you look at them. I'm tired of politics.

Best Media/Journalist Some of these are packed with good stuff. Especially Poynter, Pundit Review and maybe Amy Langfield if you like New York.

Most of the finalists in Best Photo Blog are worth looking at. Especially Chromasia and Sopheava de Lumiere

Best of the Rest would be my category - TTLB ranking 8751 or more. But, hey, I like my blog. So, probably some of these are worth a look. I like Oval Office 2008, a Brit blogging objectively about the upcoming presidential election. And My Election Analysis, a self-declared conservative blogging objectively about upcoming elections.

Some criteria for blogs I like:
  • Regular, preferably daily, updates. Even tho' I don't visit most blogs more than weekly, the ones I really like have so much to say, they pretty much have to get it out daily.
  • Good writing and good ideas.
  • Some technical knowledge.
  • Some info about the author and a picture of some kind.
  • Sidebar content: I can do without the ads, but I like to see good links and categories.
  • Objectivity, tho' I admit it's hard for me to recognize objectivity in conservative blogs even when it's there.

And ones I don't like:
  • Bubble-gum pink.
  • Typos, maybe. But spelling errors more than once or twice and grammar errors almost guarantee that I won't read it again.
  • Vulgar language. I just don't need it.

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