Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Here's the star on the tree - the only decoration, so far. I don't rush into anything.

And here's a new thing I'm trying for Solstice. I'll be celebrating the ability to make ice - one of the few things winter's really better at than any other season. I got this idea from an article I read a long time ago. The author lived in Alaska and made candle holders by filling a container with water and partially freezing it. With the weather we're having it takes about twelve hours to freeze sufficiently. Then break the thin ice on top and pour out the slushy ice in the middle. The remaining ice container is a perfect votive light holder.

When I was planning my house without electricity, the final obstacle was refrigeration. As you know, I gave in and included electricity in the design. But if I hadn't... We'd build an icehouse and cut blocks of ice from the pond. It would be stored in the icehouse, insulated with sawdust in hopes of using some and preserving some through the summer 'til the return of cold weather. So I'll be celebrating the ability to make ice.

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belinda said...

Thank goodness you got electricity. I would hate to have to chip ice and take the risk of sawdust floating in my 'summer after work' gin.