Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Charlie's coat

It was one degree when I got up this morning. An hour later it had dropped to zero. That was discouraging. So now Charlie's got a coat. He didn't seem to think he needed it. He wouldn't stand still 'til I put a halter on. I think he thinks it's sissy. It's up to fourteen degrees now, but he's stuck with the coat for a while.

Here's my new, new best friend. Look, Maggy, you'll be able to wash your hair while you're home. It's not that the shower is new. But the nozzle, after twenty-three years of hard water, even though I clean it occasionally with vinegar, had seen better days. I didn't really notice the decrease in water pressure day by day, 'til I realized it was really just gravity getting the trickle of water to my hair. (Notice I'm not saying the "Theory of Gravity." Gravity's a real thing, just like evolution.) Anyway, for $1.99 at Target I picked up this cool nozzle and now showering is a pleasure. Ah, the simple pleasures.

1 comment:

Maggy said...

Charlie needs a cloak...

I'm excited about the shower head Clean hair for the 72 hours I have off work for the holidays!