Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Wildlife Photo Contest

Go enjoy the results of the National Wildlife Federation 2005 Photo Contest.
Really. The photos are great. This one is from Victor S Lamoureaux in Vestal NY. I'm surprised the website let me copy it - and disappointed that they let me copy it without credit to the photographer. I presume they'll forgive me, since I'm trying to drive traffic to them. In this picture, the frog on the right is female and the other three are male. Need any more be said?

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lené said...

These are awesome, Mary Ann. I love the spoonbill and the kingfisher. Wow. I didn't know about it--thanks for posting the link.

Thomas Nephew said...

I liked the owl one that won, too. Like being dive-bombed ---- DUCK! said...

Nice shots!!! Good job!!!