Monday, November 21, 2005

New Best Friend

Bear with me. There's not a political thought in my head. I've been cleaning for days. There are several things about my life that make it unlikely that any two rooms in the house will be clean at the same time.

First, my technique involves moving all the stuff I don't know what to do with to another room. I clean the, thus unencumbered, room and sit back with a beer to appreciate the effect. The next day, I notice the room(s) that inherited the random stuff and the process starts over.

Second, the self flagellating that goes on seriously impairs the energy I have to give to the actual cleaning. "Why the hell did you let it get this bad?"

Third, I have a tendency to think about probabilities when I'm bored. If there's a lot of dirt around, the probability that you're going to miss some is greater than if there wasn't so much dirt in the first place. See #2, "Why the hell..."

Fourth, I have pets. And plants. And lots of hobbies.

So, meet my new best friend. Robin was commiserating with me about pet hair. She recommended this cordless vacuum cleaner and invited me to go with her to the Target lending library with the things she was returning. I haven't given myself a present in a while, so I bought the little angel. $30 - a bargain at twice the price. Next morning, after charging the battery, I thought, "I'll just whisk up these crumbs on the kitchen floor." Within 15 minutes I'd gone over five rooms. It works great! I imagine it works best on "fresh" dirt. But it's so much easier than my wonderful Kirby that I'll undoubtedly use it more often. Well, "undoubtedly" may not be the right word.

To give the new vac the respect she deserves, I cleaned the cleaning closet. Really. I moved the washer and dryer to collect all the dryer lint and actually whitewashed the wall that had a grimy outline of a dustbuster that has long since gone to the great cleaning closet in the sky.
(Spellcheck rocks again - change "dustbuster" to "Dostoevsky?")

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