Friday, November 25, 2005


The new feeders are so successful I think I'll start posting at eBird again. Among this morning's visitors are a Hairy Woodpecker, two Titmice, and two Juncos. There are now two Blue Jays, three Goldfinchs and a Red-breasted Nuthatch.

I don't know why sparrows are rare at my feeder, but this morning there's a lone Tree Sparrow (not pictured).

And what's with the two Cowbirds (not pictured)? I thought they went away for the winter.

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lené said...

Hi Mary Ann,
I'm not sure if you remember where Shelburne Pond is (near Burlington), but there were 6 tundra swans there this week. There were also reports of 500+ common loon cruising over Lake Champlain a couple of days back.

Life is getting more quiet over here. We've got way too many cats running around the neighborhood to feed birds.

Darlene said...

Cowbirds now? That is weird. Juncos haven't come to St. Paul, MN yet, and I think the nuthatches have already left. I never get goldfinches here in the city, but woodpeckers are always chomping on my suet, and the chickadees love my thistle, besides the sunflower seeds. I think I love the sparrows because they're always jabbering away, such a joyful sound. I'm assuming you have a separate feeder with just a regular seed mix, right? If so, I can't figure out why they aren't visiting you, either.

Have you ever had a house sparrow, with their reddish markings? Now they're delightful, both to hear and see, but they go away during our winters. Cardinals are among my favorite birds, for their various calls and beauty, and they're always at my feeder first thing in the morning and last thing at night. It's fun watching them steal grapes off my grapevine each year, how they savor them.

Thanks so much for adding the pictures of your birds. Please keep adding them, whenever you write anything about birds.