Monday, July 21, 2008

Some Mornings You Need a Laugh

I like to read Overheard in New York occasionally. It reminds me of stories Maggy tells - especially on those late night cab rides home. It's always good for a laugh. But some stories are just sad.

ed 7/31/08 A friend, whose mother reads the blog, pointed out that the laugh I linked to above was - well - pretty vulgar. So here's another. And another. Maggy's been in New York long enough to be a bit snarky about tourists - including me and my inability to swipe my Metrocard. Though, I must say at least I know what a Metrocard looks like. It says METROCARD in huge letters across the front. Come to think of it... Maggy was only in NY about a week when she started being snarky about tourists.

And the comment from Anonymous is right. Overheard in Ithaca is funny too - and less vulgar. I should send in my favorite: Overheard in the toy aisle of Wegman's. Wistful five-year-old girl, "Mommy, why don't you like Barbie?" Exasperated mom, "Because no one really looks like that." I wonder if she feels that way about Cabbage Patch dolls, too.


Anonymous said...

It isn't quite as colorful, but there's an Overheard in Ithaca blog, too, and locals, even from Dryden, are encouraged to submit:

Maggy said...

Let's be fair, now - I was snarky about tourists before I even lived in New York.

Overheard in Ithaca said...

Your "overheard" has been posted at Overheard in Ithaca: