Friday, March 14, 2008


Don't despair, Leendalu. It is spring!

The ground is still mostly snow covered. The maple sap is not running yet. I've been hunting in vain for emerging noses of snowdrops and winter aconites. Cornell and even Ellis Hollow, at slightly lower elevations are a couple of weeks ahead of me in that regard.

But I know it's spring. Not just because I heard geese flying overhead in the dark last night. Not just because Orion is no longer high in the sky when I get home from work. Not even because I watched bluebirds in the field outside my office yesterday. (I should note that in all my years of casual birding, I've never actually seen a bluebird before. It's the state bird of New York. So, it can't be that uncommon. Hat tip to Dave in the building department for noticing them and telling me about them. This photo is from Web Earth Online. I had my binoculars with me, but not my camera.)

But this is the real sign of spring: the solar lights along my sidewalk are lit when I get home at night. For the first time in weeks, they're getting enough sunlight during the day to put out their feeble light for at least an hour after dark. I'm not yet getting enough daylight to feel energized. But I'm beginning to think it won't be long now.

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