Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Yes, David. I have a snow picture. Matter of fact, I was wondering why there's not a Snow Carnival. I should be worried about the weight of the snow on the branches. But I haven't seen any damage yet. In this picture, the drooping branches of the Hawthorn on the right have formed a nice shelter for the birds scavenging scraps from the suet feeder. That dot on the ground is a Junco.

I saw more birds on the feeders at one time than I have at any other time this winter. I'm not sure what's up with this napping Blue Jay. He looks headless, but really his head's somewhere there under his wing.

Most people who know me have heard the April Snow story at least once a year. Here it is again, complete with photo. This is April, I think the 20th, 1983. That's Michael, age 3 and Maggy, age 10 months. Daffodils were already in bloom and we'd picked dozens the day before.

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